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Our Premier League Primary Stars programme uses the appeal of the Premier League and Crystal Palace Football Club to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills.

We work with teachers to deliver fun, educational PE and classroom sessions on a range of subjects. Teaching materials cover subjects from English and Maths to teamwork and PE, with free to download activity ideas, worksheets, lesson plans, fun assemblies and exclusive videos.

Learning is connected to the real world of sport to enthuse pupils when tackling challenging PSHE topics such as resilience, diversity, self-esteem and fair-play. Club support and online resources are also designed to help primary school teachers improve their confidence and skills in delivering PE lessons.

Premier League values underpin everything on offer, encouraging children to:

  • Be ambitious – work hard and never give up on their goals.
  • Be inspiring – set a great example to others.
  • Be connected –work well with others and in a team.
  • Be fair – treat people equally and think of others.

The Premier League Primary Stars website has a fantastic range of resources for teachers and parents. You can read more on the Premier League website.

Teacher Support Programme

We are committed to supporting the growth of passion towards PE, as well as always striving for the highest quality delivery within the subject.

We work with school staff members through:

  • Developing and supporting school staff to feel eager and confident to teach PE, through the collaborative delivery of our Premier League Primary Stars Lessons
  • Providing one to one programme discussions linking into joint lesson delivery
  • Sharing best practice and enhance the learning of pupils and teaching staff at the school.
  • Delivery of the FA Primary Teacher Award and FA CPD for Teachers Certificate
  • Creation of monthly resources to help encourage children in both practical and classroom based lessons

We offer this support to all Primary Schools within the boroughs of Bromley, Croydon, Sutton and Tandridge District. We have seen a 55% increase in teachers strongly agreeing that they now have “The confidence to engage and inspire my class in a positive learning experience”.

Teacher CPD Programme

As part of our Premier League Primary Stars provision, we are also able to deliver tailored CPD sessions for teachers in Primary Schools in the local area.

The delivery of PE in Primary Schools can be both challenging but extremely rewarding for both children and teachers alike.

Our teacher CPD programme offers teachers at your Primary School a chance to use and develop their teaching practice in PE, covering a range of subjects.

Due to our flexibility and multi-skilled approach, we can build a CPD session and cater for what your teachers would like to develop. We aim to utilise both practical and theory-based exercises to be able to maximise the development of teachers knowledge in the delivery of PE. 94% of participants agreed that they feel better able to engage and inspire their class in PE lessons after just one CPD session.

Some of the popular topics we can cater for include:

  • Increasing confidence in PE lessons
  • Sessions where space is limited
  • Sessions where equipment is limited
  • Helping to develop knowledge of a PE based teaching practice
  • Adapting sessions under pressure

Teachers from Croydon schools said:

‘The session ideas from the CPD course have enabled me to use newly learned resources and vary my lesson plans for the children I teach.’

‘The session was fun and engaging for all. It was full of ideas for inspiring children in PE lessons.’

‘The session was active and engaging. It allowed me to think about how I could include the skills learnt in our outside play with the KS1 children.’

The sessions are open to all teaching staff and can be delivered at a time that suits you. The session times delivered range from one hour to a whole day of provision on a school inset.

For more information on our Teacher Support and Teacher CPD Programmes, please contact our PE Coordinator Liam Conner at liamconner@palaceforlife.com

Reading Stars

Our Reading Stars Program is a Targeted KS2 intervention aiming to stimulate engagement in children who are struggling to reach the expected levels of reading. The programme has a proven impact on pupil attainment and their attitude towards reading.

Delivered in partnership with the National Literacy Trust, the program is taught by utilising football-related resources and a range of classroom-based activities. The program is constructed around the school timetable, with sessions lasting 1-1.5 hours, and delivered by qualified coaches.

Reading Lead at Culvers House said: “We have been involved with the Reading Stars programme for several years now. Our children enjoy the football focus of the lessons and learning with the reading coaches. We have noticed an increase in the children’s confidence in their own reading ability as well as their academic attainment in reading. We’d like to thank Palace for Life Foundation for their continued commitment to helping our children develop a love of reading.”

For more information, please contact our Primary Education Coordinator James Jenden.

Moving Maths

Moving Maths is an intervention group for 10 year 2 children who need additional support with their basic maths skills. We use the power of P.E to engage the children through activities incorporated with maths.

Moving maths is a 10-week long programme working on topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division plus many more. We aim to help children understand maths in a fun and interactive way. Our trained coaches will deliver the programme at a set time during the week in school, monitoring the children’s progress through the course.

Year 2 teacher at Forest Academy said: “Year 2 have been immersed in a variety of engaging activities throughout the programme. They have shown great resilience, motivation and absorption in Moving Maths games. As a result, they are able now to use their addition and subtraction skills to add and subtract numbers mentally quickly and efficiently.”

For more information, please contact our Primary Education Coordinator James Jenden.

Social Action Projects

Through Premier League Primary Stars, we deliver social action projects to the community, as part of the #iwill campaign.

The Premier League and the #iwillcampaign have teamed up to back our schools’ team running a variety of projects in the local area.

The goal is to increase the numbers of young people engaged in social action by 50% in 2020-21, meaning that 60% of all young people would be regularly engaging in social action by the end of 2021.

Our Social Action projects run in partnership with local organisations and schools. Each Social action will:

  • Be youth-led.
  • Be challenging.
  • Have a social impact.
  • Allow progression to other opportunities.
  • Be embedded in a young person’s life.
  • Enable reflection about the value of the activity.

Our social action projects this year include our pen pal scheme, working alongside Age UK to support local people suffering from loneliness; and Sports Leaders, with Year 5 children taught how to become leaders of activity within their schools, delivering games to other groups of children.

For more information, please contact our Primary Education Coordinator James Jenden.

Equality Unit

This year we have implemented a new scheme of work to our programme, a 6-week programme focusing on equality. The unit is targeted at pupils in Year 5 & 6 and encourages discussion around a variety of topics including stereotypes, diversity, critical thinking in the media and discrimination, with students then coming up with their own campaigns to run at their school.

Headteacher at Greenvale Primary said: “The sessions have been really useful and prompted some great discussion between children.”

Charlie Spencer, Palace for Life Primary School Officer said: “I have been really impressed to see such enthusiasm and discussion from the children surrounding these important, relevant topics. I have enjoyed delivering this programme, and I believe the children have enjoyed participating too!”


Our transition programme focuses on helping year 6 students with their transition to secondary school. These sessions take place after May half term for 6 weeks. The workshops can be delivered to a whole class or to a selected group of the school’s choice. We work on ways to accept positive change in our lives, becoming organised and getting prepared for secondary school routine as well as setting realistic goals for the future plus much more. All participants work through and keep our Palace for Life transition workbooks.

Planet Super League

We work in connection with Planet Super League in raising awareness of climate change and how to make our lifestyles more sustainable. Over  6 weeks, our workshops focus on food, travel, waste and energy. We encourage all students to sign up to Planet Super League via their website to complete sustainability challenges to score points for their team and school.

Specialised one off workshops

These one off hour sessions can be catered for any year group. We specialise in Introduction to Mental Health, Gender Stereotypes and Black History Month celebrations.

For more information, please contact our Primary Education Coordinator James Jenden.

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