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Holiday food and fun in October half term

64 participants; 140 attendances across three days 280 Meals Served 13 varied physical activity sessions 6 Health Workshops 36 parents engaged in Health Workshops

The 3-day October half-term programme took place at Heavers Farm school in South Norwood. The school chefs prepared a healthy hot meals for the children, and Palace for Life provided sport and physical activity sessions, as well as health workshops.

In partnership with Heavers Farm, a team of coaches delivered multi-sport sessions to children aged 4-16 years in a school environment, giving them a safe place to learn and be active. Dodgeball, archery, street golf and basketball were amongst the plethora of activities on offer for the young people.

“Normally I would be home, playing computer games or PlayStation. I was so happy when my mum told me about the programme, I really liked it”. – William, 8 year-old.

The school chefs provided each child a variety of fruit and natural yoghurt, as well as hot healthy lunch. Every child had the opportunity to consume their 5 a day of fruit and vegetables.

“We all need to eat more fruit and vegetables, and we have to start with introducing them to children as early as possible. Exposing them to a range of tastes and textures from an early age increases the likelihood of them consuming them long-term.” – Natalia, Nutritionist.

The children learned about positive body image, the importance of a healthy breakfast and also explored the content of sugar and fat in foods. Through drawing, playing and conversing the children developed life skills, enabling them to lead healthy lives.

Providing parents and carers the opportunity to participate in workshops at the end of everyday allowed us to explore oral health, healthy meal planning and positive role modelling in the family home. These workshops were discussion led and facilitated by nutritionists. Children on the programme prepared fruit kebabs to give out to their parents and carers on the last day of the programme allowing them to practice their new culinary skills.

“When I got a call telling me about this programme, I was so happy and signed up all three of my children. I’m going to sign them up and will also attend the community sessions” Shia, parent.

The programme also emphasised the importance of creating a touch point with our local community and sign posting them to local initiatives to ensure they continue exercising and engaging in wellbeing activities.

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