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We have teamed up with Paediatric Dieticians, Food Talk to create a healthy weight management service for children aged 4-16 years and their families in Croydon. Healthy Eagles aims to educate families on nutrition, lifestyle topics, healthy body awareness and promotes positive parenting practices. We provide opportunities to take part in sport and physical activity in the community, as well as the opportunity to learn to cook healthy meals.

Following three successful years, Palace for Life Foundation’s child weight management programme has been decommissioned. The Palace for Life Foundation would like to thank everyone for their support and hard work in what can be considered a successful Healthy Eagles programme which has changed a number of lives.

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have adapted and extended our service for an additional 4 months to cater for those programme participants prior to the pandemic by offering a virtual programme.

However, we now are awaiting further guidance from the local authority on what the future of weight management services will look like in Croydon. As such, we will no longer be offering referrals tier 2 weight management programmes.

The health & wellbeing team is very much aware of the continued need for weight management support within the community and hope to be able to provide support in the future.



The Healthy Eagles programme is broken down into three elements:

Tier 1 | Tier 2 | Healthy Weight Awareness


Tier 1 of the service supports schools and communities in areas of highest need and the Tier 2 service is a 7-10-week programme aimed at educating children and families that are above a healthy weight. We also provide healthy weight awareness training to health professionals, communities, schools and other third sector organisations.

Tier 2: intensive child weight management programme

The free Healthy Eagles programme spans across 7-10 weeks and focuses on the whole family. The service encompasses sessions on diet, physical activity and behaviour change techniques with the aim of reducing or maintaining weight.

Each week the programme will cover a specific health topic such as sugar awareness, physical activity, promotion of fruits & vegetables and positive body awareness. As well as learning about various health topics, parents and children will enjoy a sporting or cook and eat activity together. Young people on the programme will track their progress through their Healthy Eagles log book.

To refer your child or young person to the Tier 2 weight management service the young person must live in Croydon or have a GP in Croydon aged 4-16 years. To refer CLICK HERE.

Healthy Eagles sessions are running after school and during the weekend, to book onto our free community Healthy Eagle sessions please CLICK HERE.

The Healthy Eagles programme can also be delivered as a universal approach in schools and the following benefits have been experienced by school children:

  • Reduced or maintained their weight
  • Improved their healthy eating
  • Improved their physical activity levels
  • Improved their self-esteem

Healthy Weight Awareness training

Anyone working with young people in Croydon who wish to update their knowledge and understanding about childhood obesity, the child weight management (Tier 2) service and discover the important considerations when raising the issue of weight with families.

This training is for teachers, early years staff, youth and community workers, as well as a range of health professionals. The training can be delivered in under 30 minutes, at your chosen location for a range of staff working with young people.

To register your interest in the healthy weight awareness training please CLICK HERE.

Tier 1

We deliver active and informative health workshops in schools, early years centres and communities, tailored for parents, teachers, children and young people. We work with organisations to ensure all children and young people have the opportunity to live a heathy, happy life regardless of circumstances.

Here are a list of workshops we can deliver in schools and communities:

  • Food & Mood
  • Sugar Smart
  • Promoting breakfast
  • Healthy lunch box
  • Move More
  • Self-esteem & resilience
  • Body awareness
  • Food labels
  • Food groups & portions sizes
  • Healthy cooking on a budget

For more information on health workshops, healthy weight awareness training and the Tier 2 referral process please call 020 8768 6047 or contact health@palaceforlife.org

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