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Divert, a Metropolitan Police custody intervention programme, works with under 25s who have been arrested and aims to get them back into employment and training.

DIVERT is a Metropolitan Police Service intervention programme, in conjunction with Palace for Life and New Era Foundation, DIVERT is delivered within Croydon Police Custody Suite with the aim to reduce reoffending and divert young adults aged between 18-25 Years away from crime.

The reoffending rate in London is currently at 27%. However, participants on the DIVERT programme have a reoffending rate of 9%.

DIVERT looks to address the gap in statutory provision for young adults. Once in custody DIVERT’s Custody Intervention Coaches (CIC) explain the numerous paths that individuals can be referred to, this is followed up with a longer development plan to assist them in fulfilling their own goals, relating to education, training and employment.

The Divert programme consists of three phases of delivery:

•         PHASE 1: Initial contact

This phase will be the initial meeting point between the participant arrested and the Custody Intervention Coach. The initial meeting will ask them about their backgrounds and their vulnerabilities as well as their interests.

  • PHASE 2: Engagement outside custody

This phase consists of the meeting outside the custody suite. This will normally take place within 7 days and will continue the conversation which took place in the custody suite. The purpose of this is to confirm their interest before phase 3 takes place.

  • PHASE 3: Wider community engagement

After phase 2 has been accomplished, we will try to place them in an opportunity in relation to their interest. This may be employment, training and/or a programme either run by the foundation or through one of our partners.

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