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Healthy Eagles: Lana's Story

Lana came to Healthy Eagles after being diagnosed with diabetes and her and her mum have been feeling the benefits of their time on the course.

Lana, aged 10, joined our children’s Healthy Eagles programme in September after she was diagnosed with diabetes. Along with her mum, she has been making important steps to becoming healthier through Healthy Eagles.

Before joining Healthy Eagles, Lana was living a life of unhealthy food and inactivity. She told us how anxious she was about joining the course but she is becoming more confident. She has joined a boxing club and swims twice a week. Together with her mum, she has become much more active and has found healthier foods that they both love!


When asked about Lana’s time on the course, her mum said:

“We feel that Healthy Eagles gave Lana the confidence to try other clubs as it is a platform for children who are less active, allowing them to become engaged in sport at their own pace’’

Lana’s Mum

As well as both of them losing weight, Lana and her mum have felt an increase in their energy levels and an improvement in their sleep. Lana has been able to get her diabetes under control and is creating a new healthy lifestyle.

During Healthy Eagles there is parent-only time, allowing Lana’s mum to share her experience in pursuing a healthier life with other parents on the course.

Lana’s mum felt she benefited from the course as much as her daughter: “I enjoy the parent-only time as it’s good to talk to someone else other than the hospital, it provides support throughout all of their journey.”


Lana always enjoys the sessions and loves that she gets to attend with her mum:

“I enjoy doing the activities together as it’s much more fun doing it with your mum and socialising with different children.”

As well as changing her lifestyle, Lana also represents her school as School Counsellor and spoke about her aspirations to run a girls football session at her school.

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