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Whitehorse Community Hub Access All Areas

Palace for Life were delighted to welcome guests from Whitehorse Community Hub for a tour of Selhurst Park.

Palace for Life and Whitehorse Community Hub teamed up to give a group of adults with learning disabilities a tour of Selhurst Park.

Palace for Life have worked closely with the staff and clients at Croydon Local Authority’s Whitehorse Lane Hub for over five years, providing weekly football coaching sessions and two annual Sports Open Days for Adults with Learning Disabilities.

These sessions are vital in improving the physical fitness of those attending, as people with a disability are twice as likely to be inactive than those without a disability. The sessions also help in establishing and developing vital social links, such as new friendships for the participants, and further expanding and improving their carers networks.

Our guests Chris, Stephen, Michelle, Jonathan, Teresa, Brian, Dorian, took a full tour of the stadium getting to see their favourite parts from the dressing room to the dugouts.

We spoke to Heidi from Whitehorse Community Hub, who said: “We all thoroughly enjoyed the stadium tour seeing pictures from past to present. We all had a favourite part and we were able to go through the tunnel the players go through and took our seats in the dugouts. We left the stadium feeling Glad All Over! A big thank you to Michael Harrington for taking us on the tour.”

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