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Secondary school transition workbook by Team Mates mentors

During the current lockdown, Palace for Life Foundation schools team have made a workbook to help make the transition to secondary school more manageable for children leaving primary school.

Due to Covid-19, children across the country have had time away from school and pupils currently in Year 6 will have less time to prepare for themselves for secondary school.

Palace for Life Foundation Mental Wellbeing Coordinator Chase Hill explained: “To help parents and pupils manage this transition and thrive in their new environments, we have developed a workbook which can be used to help with understanding the challenges ahead and developing strategies to take on these obstacles.

“The workbook is for any Year 6 pupil who will be moving to secondary school for the next academic year. The workbook will help students prepare for life in Year 7, concentrating on how to cope with change, starting a new adventure, being practical and organised and making positive changes.

“Ranging from dealing with stress to positive change and being organised, this workbook covers everything you need to ease the transition to a new school.”

You can find the workbook here and get in touch with Chase Hill for further help.

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