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Marathon March 2021 - Roll of Honour

The 2021 Marathon March, powered by Utilita, saw 140 people complete the 26.2 mile walk in south London. Below is the 2021 Roll of Honour which displays the people that have surpassed some amazing fundraising landmarks:

Individual Fundraisers


Mark Silverstein, Angus Robertson, Liam Connery


Neil Peters, Paul Clark, Andrew Kemp, Toby Reid


Patrick McNamara, Nicholas Gilbert, David Bonser, Say Leddington, Crispin Chapple, David Brown, Paul Carter, Andrew Stewart, Jon Tucker, Julian Tucker, Simon Gamble, Stephen Smith


Samantha Smith, Kent Soloman, Satchi Snipe, Jack Mackenzie-Kerr, Gary Bond, Michael StJohn-Bond, Mikael Westerback, Lee Garrod, Susan Tucker, Mark Drew, Steve Parrianen, John Amis, Katey Murray, Kevin Froud, Debbie Yeates, Nigel Clibbens, Terry Savage, Andy Lucey, Tony Waters, Krzysztof Matkowski, Mirabelle Adjei, Dave Burn, John Ellis, Alex Morrall, Andrew Johnson, Christine Gausden, John Symes


Group Fundraisers


FYP Podcast – Jim Daly, Kevin Day, Robert Sutherland, Andy Street, Jesse Boyce, Julian Chenery


Wandering Wanderers – Christopher Hall, Liam Hockham, James Winton, Peter Winsor


Damo’s Dream Team – Damien Terry, Michael Kaczmarczyk, Katherine Kaczmarczyk, Robert, Kaczmarczyk, Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Chris Kaczmarczyk

Womens Walking Football Team – Mary Barnett, Jessica Connolly, Catherine D’Rozario, Lisa Murphy, Ann Paterson, Pauline Stacey, Juliet Mason, Tania Bushell


Barnfield 2021 – Neil Wiltshere, Sarah Wiltshere, Jack Wiltshere, Daisy Taylor


We all follow the Palace over land and sea – Ben Russell, Dan Morey

Homesdale Knickerelastics – Cassie Butler, Molly Butler, Ellen Butler, Sophie Dunmall, Andy Dunmall, Jake Threadgold, Joanna Pryor

Waddon Youth Disability Project – Luke Stevens, Anne-Marie Abalo, Nicole Grandison, Phillip White, Anton Bland

Palace Zoom & Walk team – Evan Warren, Ian Waite, Richard Tate, Rocco Waite, Simon Jupp

Marathon March Crew – Kieran Bailey, Amy Roberts, Amie Bailey, John Flint

Palace Dad Bods – Willem Blekkenorst, Jonathan Mulligan, Kevin Froud, Adam Miskell


Pete & Charlie Trainor

Daniel Maher & Kieran Reidy

Palace Br3eze – Paul Price & Beulah Pickles


Louise & Mackenzie Wood

Andrzej & Tom Moyseowicz

Ian & Martha Goodwin

Stephen & Luke Barton

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