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Swedish Palace fans take on Marathon March virtually

Sweden-based Crystal Palace fans Mikael and Kent took part in the Marathon March virtually this year. We caught up with them to see how it went.

Sweden-based Crystal Palace fans Mikael and Kent joined us in 2019 to take part in their first Palace for Life Marathon March. They had planned to take part again this year, until the ongoing pandemic disrupted their travel plans. The instead took part virtually in Sweden, allowing them to still be a part of the day and raise money for Palace for Life.

We caught up with Mikael and Kent to see how they found the virtual Marathon March!

How did you find taking part in the Marathon March virtually?

Kent & Mikael: We really wanted to take part this year both to fundraise and do the march itself. So instead of only fundraising, even if that is the important part, it was important to us to do the march too. We decided to adapt to the situation with the pandemic and organise a Swedish edition of the Palace for Life Marathon March ourselves.

Why did you take part in Sweden?

Kent & Mikael: We were signed up for the Marathon March in London but due to the pandemic we couldn’t travel over. We had really looked forward to take part this year in London and meet all fantastic people we met last year. When we realized that we weren’t able to come over and do the march, we decided to walk in Norrkoping instead.

Why did you want to take part in the Marathon March again?

Kent: We had a really good experience last year, we met a lot of new friends, everyone is so friendly and nice and at same time we get to do something for the club we love. Helping others makes everybody happier.

Mikael : I agree with Kent, it feels good to do something for others.

What were your highlights of the Swedish Marathon March?

Kent: Sore feet and heavy rain! We had contact with Mark Silverstein (a Palace for Life fundraiser taking part in the Marathon March in south London), by phone so we felt we were taking part that way. We had also an interview with our local newspaper and all nice people we met during the day.

Mikael: That we completed it and that the fundraising went really well.

Did you meet any other Palace fans on your route?

Kent & Mikael: Yes, we met a couple of Palace fans and one of them asked if we did the Marathon March. He had read about the march and he knew what we were doing. He also made a generous donation to the Foundation!

What made you support Palace for Life and Crystal Palace?

Kent: To me it was because of a programme in the 70s on the Swedish television they showed an English match at 4 pm every Saturday. I remember watching Palace play, I don’t remember which team we played against but I really want to believe that it was the match when we beat Manchester United 5-0!

Mikael: It’s the FA Cup final of 1990 that did it for me. Also because they are the small club with the big heart.

Will we see you again next year?

Kent & Mikael: Absolutely! We are really looking forward to doing it for a third time, and hopefully we can do with all of you next year.  We really missed not being in London, but if we can’t be there then we’ll do it at home again.

Why do you think people should join you on the Marathon March next year?

Kent: There is a simple answer to that question, meet fantastic people and at the same time fundraise for a good cause. And also the Marathon March is really demanding and challenging, so you feel really good about yourself when you have done it. You couldn’t have a better day!

Mikael: I agree with all that Kent said.  It just so feels good in your heart to do something for others.


You can still donate to the 2020 Marathon March, and support Palace for Life’s work with young south Londoners, here.

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