The Marathon March is coming up on 14th October, and if you own or manage a business, it’s a great way to get the team together, and do something great for your business and local community!

As the official charity of Crystal Palace Football Club, we are dedicated to helping the lives of south Londoners.  

We run a huge range of free sporting activities, mentoring, training, and employability programmes amongst a huge range of other activities to help improve the lives of some of the most disadvantaged youngsters in Croydon, Bromley, Sutton, and Lambeth.  

We’re able to do most of these absolutely free due to generous funding from the Premier League and other organisations, but we also rely heavily on donations from fundraising activities.  

That’s why we created the Marathon March, it’s an annual 26.2 mile-walk around our home of south London, where each person is asked to raise £300 or above, and in return, get to achieve a personal challenge and do something great for their community as well as other extras like joining a Palace party at the end, a t-shirt and winner’s medal!

But as a business, there are even more reasons to get signed up for the March on 14th October:

1.) Corporate Social Responsibility  

Most businesses these days will rightly have a commitment to social responsibility. By walking the Marathon March, you can demonstrate your commitment to making a difference in the lives of young people in your community. If nothing else, it’s a great thing to shout about!  

2.) Team building  

A few people may hear the words ‘team building’ and deliver a big sigh, but we can testify that the Marathon March is a great way to build staff camaraderie. A 26.2-mile walk is no easy feat, so completing it together is likely to bring the team together better than any Monday morning meeting could!  

3.) Employee health and wellbeing

The emotional and physical well-being and health of employees is at the top of many businesses’ agendas. As we all know, sitting down in front of a laptop every day can take its toll, so it’s never a bad idea to lace up the walking shoes and get the heart rate moving – you never know, by the end of it you may have a more energetic and motivated workforce!  

4.) Competition

There are always a few highly competitive people in any workforce, and what better way to make them tick than by suggesting a fundraising league table? It’s up to you how you would like to fundraise, but adding a competitive element to it is a pretty sure-fire way of getting the competitive folks involved.  

5.) Networking opportunities  

If you’re a local business looking for new clients, the Marathon March is the perfect way to talk to local people, understand their needs and maybe even get a coffee in for a new business opportunity. It’s a long (very fun!) day, so there are plenty of opportunities to get those business cards handed out!  

OK! I’m sold. How can I get my business involved?

All that’s left to do is to is get signed up!   

When fundraising as a group, we ask you to commit to the below pledges: 

  • Group of four = £600 
  • Group of five = £750 
  • Group of six = £900 
  • Group of 7+ = £1,000 

Head to our sign-up page to fill out the registration form for your team members and pay the registration fee.

Once you have signed everyone up, please email Bobby to confirm your business entry.  

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