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Targeted Intervention FAQs

What is ‘Palace for Life ‘mentoring?

Our mentoring focuses on providing one-to-one interaction to help work through challenges, set goals and provide a safe environment to explore feelings, emotions and thought processes. We aim to provide coping strategies, options and a new perspective that will be able to be carried with them as they go through life.

Where does mentoring take place?

We offer mentoring at Selhurst Park in our Foundation offices, in the community, at schools and also online. This is flexible in order to fit with the needs of the participant.

At the moment we are working within the Boroughs of Croydon and Bromley.

How long does it run for?

Our mentoring can run for up to 6 months; we will check in throughout to ensure that what we are offering is effective. Participants have the option to ‘drop out’ at any point.

What are your referral criteria?

We don’t have criteria to access mentoring – we aim to support everyone and review each case individually.

We will always reach out to referrers if we have any questions. We will not take anyone on that we believe we may not be able to support adequately, but we will always aim to signpost to other agencies if this is the case.

Our age range is from 11-21.

How long is the referral process?

This is dependent on the capacity of our mentors. We will always aim to be in contact within 2 weeks following a referral.


If you have any further questions or would like to reach out to the team, please use the email address TargetedIntervention@Palaceforlife.org