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Vision Impaired & Blind Football

Visually impaired people are one of the least active disability groups. We deliver a monthly visually impaired sport session in partnership with the Royal Society for Blind Children for young people aged 5-25 with a visual impairment.


Fun and engaging sport sessions which focus on improving spatial awareness, communication, sport-specific techniques and social interaction all through fun quickfire activities.

Our V.I. experienced and enthusiastic FA Qualified coaches shape each session to the needs of those attending, asking what the group would like to do next time and then working towards these wishes were possible.

These sessions for young people in south London are run in partnership with the Royal Society for Blind Children.


They are developing themselves both in terms of their physical abilities and general health and fitness levels. They are improving their abilities at specific sports/games and improving their general mobility. This can be more important for people with vision impairments in terms of navigating their way around while being guided and in other parts of their lives. I have seen young people grow in confidence from attending the sessions, this is visible from the not being very vocal when they first attend and slowly being much more comfortable in their own voice.  As well as improving their health, they get to create friendships and a community of other vision impaired young people which is actually quite difficult to find considering it's a low incidence disability. The group feels very inclusive, they look out for each other and help one another.

Royal Society for Blind Children


5-25 Years (Males and Females)


Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

James, 13, started attending our Waddon Youth Club and came on leaps and bounds in a matter of weeks, discovering he is very talented goalkeeper!

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