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About: Player Development Centres

We are committed to developing the talent in young footballers with a dedicated player pathway that gives the most talented the opportunity to join Crystal Palace F.C. Academy and other local teams. All of our sessions are open to both boys and girls.

Our Player Development Centres in south London are designed for footballers at all skill levels who want to maximise their potential as players while also developing their own personal growth.

Our dedicated Player Pathway is open to both boys and girls and is delivered by elite-level FA and UEFA qualified coaches. Our coaches work across Palace for Life and the Crystal Palace Academy, ensuring that the pathway closely aligns with the Academy’s style, approach and coaching ethos. By working closely with the Crystal Palace Academy, our Player Pathway gives the most talented the chance to join the Academy and other local teams.



  • Inspire: Inspire each other and yourself to be the best version of yourself you can be.
  • Commitment: Commit to developing yourself as a person and as a player as well as others.
  • Empathy: Understand your coaches and teammates, and do your best to always support and encourage them.

Team work

  • Inclusive: We are all part of Palace for Life, and part of the same team, make sure to include everyone.
  • Respect: Respect yourself, respect the coaches, respect other players, respect the Palace for Life badge.
  • Honesty: Be honest with yourself and what you want to achieve. Always show sportsmanship to referees, teammates, and opposition.


  • Resilience: Never give up, learn from your mistakes, and come back stronger.
  • Independent: Coaches and other players will be there to help but be brave and try things on your own.
  • Creative: Let your personality shine through! Be creative on and off the pitch – don’t be afraid to try new things!

Below, please see a breakdown of tiers specific for young, aspiring footballers.

Please note, the make-up of each tier is not definitive, and children will always have the opportunity to move through the tiers based on performances. The movement will typically take place in the middle of the football season.

Development Clinics – Boys & Girls 

Locations: Trinity School, Kent County Cricket Club, Bishop Justus School, Caterham School

  • Enhanced Individual Technical focus- Ball mastery and Skills
  • Heighten Technical Proficiency in and out of possession: 1v1
  • Small group work- Focusing on decision making in and out of Possession

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Performance Squad – Boys & Girls 

Locations: Boys – Warlingham School, Kent County Cricket Club / Girls – Coombe Wood School, Bishop Justus School

  • Individual Technical focus- Ball mastery and Skills
  • Tactical foundations- In and out of possession.
  • Match Play understanding

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Emerging Talent Centre – Boys & Girls 

Location: Academy Training Ground

  • Individual technical focus
  • Position roles and responsibilities- In/out of Possession and transition.
  • Team focus – Playing philosophy in line with Crystal Palace F.C.

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