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Scannell and the SuperDads raise £3,000 for children in need

Damian Scannell, brother of former Palace player Sean, has worked with local green grocer, Addiscombe Fruit & Veg, to provide 100 food hampers for children this Christmas.

Local dad and fitness coach Damien Scannell has raised £3,000 to help underprivileged children this Christmas through his ‘SuperDad’ home workout challenge, supported by green grocer Addiscombe Fruit & Veg.

Scannell, who is the brother of former Palace player Sean, started the challenge back in November to help fathers in Croydon get fitter and feel more positive about themselves, as well as raising money for a good cause.

“I’m a community man, my little brother [Sean] used to play for Palace and we’ve always given back what we could. In the summer we ran a project to hand out excess food to people at Queen’s Gardens in Croydon. It’s just very important to us to give back,” he explained.

With the money raised, Scannell, who played for Southend United during his own football career, has produced almost 100 food hampers to distribute to children via local schools, with a range of healthy items and some treats as well.

“Hopefully it will keep them going through Christmas Day and a couple of days afterwards, we’ve included some sweets and things like that for them to enjoy.”

The 35-year-old was forced to stop face-to-face training earlier this year, hence the 30-day SuperDad challenge, which was hosted virtually.

“Coronavirus stopped us back in March, we got to open for a brief period in the summer but then we closed again with lockdown. That allowed us to focus online and do something positive to help others.”

Scannell held live fitness sessions every Monday to Friday, as well as offering advice and positive energy to those who may have been feeling down. In return, everyone who signed up gave a contribution of at least £10.

After raising more than £2,000, local green grocer Addiscombe Fruit & Veg helped to provide the food and were able to fundraise an additional £1000, taking the total over £3,000.

“It feels like that post-war feeling where communities just want to come together and help each other,” Scannell concluded.

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