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Marathon March 2019: Route update

We've made some changes to the Marathon March, powered by Utilita, route. Have a read below and let your friends and family know!

With ongoing protests in central London, we have updated the final section of the Marathon March route to avoid passing through Trafalgar Square.

Instead of finishing at Admiralty Arch, we will head straight to our final venue, Riley’s, to start our celebrations early!

You can see the updated route map HERE.

Please tell your friends and family to head straight to Riley’s (80 Haymarket, St. James’s, London SW1Y 4TE) to welcome you and be aware that they will have to travel by foot or public transport as roads in the area will be closed.

We are keeping updated with the latest travel and safety advice and please be mindful that it may be necessary for us to update the route again if anything changes, potentially on the day itself. We will keep you fully updated and this will not deter us, we are Palace and we will complete our Marathon March!

Our partners from Adventure Cafe are experts in managing treks and expeditions, so don’t worry, we’re in safe hands! They’ve given us their top tips and safety advice below, so make sure you have a read:

1. Please keep tight within your walking speed group. If you are not in a group, wait at junction until next group of walkers and join them. You can move into a faster or slower group when you reach each venue.

2. Do not disappear off route for any reason – we will take signs down if you are passed by the last group. Please use facilities at scheduled venues.

3. Lead walkers please take it steady. It isn’t a race! If you walk too fast at the front, it makes it difficult for us to support the rest of the group.

4. Take care when near pedestrians. Walk courteously at all times. If forced to step into the road due to any large gatherings on the pavement, please check behind you for any cars.

5. Be aware of other scheduled protests/marches in central London. Respect each other’s space. DO NOT get involved in arguments.

6. ALWAYS watch out for your own road crossings – NEVER take
someone else’s word for being safe to cross.

7. If walking beside water – stay on inside of path – single file.

8. Take extra care on wet ground. Move carefully on smooth surfaces.
9. Keep eyes on ground watching out for unevenness & kerb edges.

10. Keep eyes peeled for pink waymarking signs. Street names are marked on your maps.

11. If you have any medical conditions and feel at all unwell please advise a leader immediately – we shall bring you back in a support vehicle.

12. If you are with another walker who has any kind of incident – CALL 999
– THEN notify Adventure Café emergency number.

13. If you need to leave the event for any reason please inform a leader.

– Please sign out at Riley’s.

14. Stay hydrated. Eat well but sensibly. Don’t overload with sugar.

15. Have fun!

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