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BT Volunteers help our Disability Schools Fun Day

Having run our first Bromley schools fun day at the Marjorie McClure School, we aim to continue our disability work in partnership with BT. The event was the culmination of a 6 week football programme with the PL/BT Disability Fund, a 3 year funding initiative aimed at inspiring disabled people through sport. This enabled one of our coaches to go into local SEND and mainstream schools, which offer an additional SEND provision classroom, and introduce a 6 week program designed to develop basic football skills whilst focusing on a set of core values that included team work, friendship, determination and personal excellence.

Five BT staff were given the opportunity to join us as volunteers to see the difference this funding brings to our local communities.


Our Volunteers were given their roles for the day by Foundation coach Julian Lawless

The day was a great triumph with the volunteers playing a crucial part in its success. Foundation Disability Manager Michael Harrington offers his insight: “The BT team were superb today;they really got stuck in to what we were asking them to do. Each volunteer ran a little activity station for us and then took care of a team during round robin matches. The children loved having them there and smiles were the order of the day.”

The Volunteers themselves offer the following observations on their time with the Foundation. Harry Forges said:“It was an excellent and rewarding morning. I only wish we could have played longer with the kids!

It was great to see all the hard work that goes on in the school, and I really enjoyed playing a small part in helping the kids have a fun morning. I thought you and the rest of the CPFC team were well organised, friendly and welcoming. Thanks again, Harry.”


The day in full swing with children and adults all having fun!!

Rory Shepherd added:“It was excellent to see a well-organised day with participation at such a good level in all the events. The young people were definitely well prepared to have a go and enjoy themselves! I really enjoyed the inclusivity of the day – even though there were a breadth of abilities across the young people they were very respectful and supportive of each other and helped each other to get the most out of the activities.”

Michael Tushaw was full of praise for the work we do and was keen to tell others of the great volunteering opportunities on offer: “Mike, I have just reported back to my colleagues on yesterday’s volunteering and a few have expressed an interest in becoming involved in the future.”

21 March 2024


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