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Black Lives Matter: Your future

At Palace for Life Foundation we are looking to support our diverse community. We have compiled a list of resources below to offer support, guidance and help to young south Londoners.

The Black Training and Enterprise Group (BTEG)

A national charity providing programmes for young black, Asian and minority ethinic people aged 11-30 years.

The programmes are aimed at educating and increasing employment in BAME people.

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Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

The trust works to improve young people aged 13-30 from disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their lives through career guidance, work experience and their community support networks. Helping to gain new knowledge, skills and qualifications to pursue the career of their choice.

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100 Black Men of London

A community-based charity led by Black Men, delivering programmes focused on mentoring, education, economic empowerment and health and wellness. The programmes take young people through skills programmes designed to empower, learn new skills and educate.

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