Targeted Interventions

Palace for Life Foundation deliver targeted interventions that aim to build up the resilience of young people at risk of anti-social behaviour and crime, whilst also working with young offenders to restore good mental and emotional health following adverse and challenging situations.

Young people are given educational opportunities and the chance to gain accredited qualifications, as well as learning the importance of healthy behaviours and how their actions affect not only themselves but the local community.

The Foundation use these programmes to empower and inspire participants to make better decisions in their lives, giving them the opportunity to learn, grow, achieve and aspire.

Scroll through this page for examples of past and present targeted interventions run by Palace for Life.

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Snap Back

What? Delivered in partnership with Croydon Council Youth Offending team, this programme aims to build the resilience of young offenders who have been given out-of-court disposal orders. Snap Back is delivered over 6 weeks to restore young people’s mental and emotional health following challenging and adverse situations.

Who? Young offenders identified by the Youth Offending team.

Where? Turnaround Centre, Croydon.

Palace for Life Foundation has strong links with Croydon Council Youth Offending team and works in partnership to deliver programmes.

Bike mechanic programme

Participants on the bike mechanic programme being taught

What? Delivered in partnership with Croydon Auto Bike Scheme (CABS) and the Met Police, this programme was used to engage young people who had been identified by the police in the New Addington area for anti-social behaviour and riding mopeds illegally. Motorbikes were used as a tool to positively engage young people and help them gain a good understanding of safety and safety equipment. Participants were also taught the implications of riding illegally, whilst retaining the opportunity to get on a motorbike and learn how to ride safely within a controlled environment.

Who? Boys and girls aged 11 years and over.

Where? Play Place, New Addington.