Roy Hodgson with Foundation staff

Roy Hodgson with Foundation staff

Mike Summers: Foundation CEO
Donald Forde: Deputy CEO
Gary Mulcahey: Director – Sports Development
Susan Patterson-Smith: Acting Head of Community Development

Michael Harrington: Disability Manager
Rob Perrett: Sports Development Manager
Sam Bacon: Primary Schools Programme Manager
Beth Towle: Health and Wellbeing Manager
Roxanne Bennett: Women and Girls Development Manager
George Henry: Targeted Intervention Manager

Grace Cullen: Communications and Fundraising Manager
Duncan Robinson: Business Support Manager
Zaynab Osman: Business Support Officer
Mollie Nijhuis: Business Administration Apprentice

Charity Madzorera: Head of Accounting
Jenny Bucknal: Finance & Payroll Assistant

Jamie Broughton: Community Development Officer
John Patrick: Community Development Officer
Chase Hill: Healthy Lifestyles Officer
Stuart Jacob: Sports Development Officer
Keon Richardson: Disability Officer
James Harrison-Sears: Community Development Officer
Rhys Whittle: Health and Wellbeing Officer
Ernest Eghan: Targeted Intervention Officer
Merenna Wilson: Programme Coordinator (Child Weight Management)
Pam McRoberts: Women and Girls Development Officer
James Jenden: Primary Schools Programme Officer
Simone Edwards: Community Development Officer
Angel O’Dwyer: Community Development Officer
Kiaira Reid: Customer Service Administrator

Mikhail Preddie: Full time coach
Charlotte McCauley: Full time coach
Chris Green: Full time coach
Gideon Jackson: Full time coach
Marcus Bernard: Full time coach
Michael Cleary: Full time coach
Michael Lacey: Full time coach
Richard Gent: Full time coach
Simon Hall: Full time coach
Wesley Tracey: Full time coach
Claire De Hara: Full time coach

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Community Development queries:

Office line: 020 8768 6047