Roll of Honour

A big thank you to the following people who took part in our Marathon March, together helping to raise £67,280 to support young south Londoners:

Henry Angus
Richard Archer
Daniel Blundell
David Bonser
Maggie Boreham
Jason Boyce
James Braid
Lauren Braid
Tom Brake
Lynne Brameld
Marlon Chin
Paul Clark
Barry Colkett
Dawn Colkett
Liam Connery
Richard Cronk
Tom Curtis
Jim Daly
Claire Davidson
Stuart Davidson
Gary Davis
Kevin Day
Maria Dyer-Santos
Jacqueline Earl
Lesley Earl
James Endeacott
Bevoly Fearon
Colin Fernandez
Stephanie Fuller
Christine Gausden
Stephen Geal
Julia Greig
Charlie Harradine
Scott Hart
Rebecca Hurst
Martin Hollands
Vivienne Inglis
Lindsay Jex
Hannah Jasper
Andrew Johnson
Andy Johnson
Hayley Johnson
Chris Jury
Andrew Kemp
Fiona King
Andy Leach
Say Leddington
Colin Lehane
Debbie Lehane
Paul Lehane
Barry Lloyd
Jason Lovelock
Andy Lucey
Daniel McDermott
Simon McHardy
Mary McIntosh
Neil McIntosh
Bernard McNamara
Fiona McNamara
Michael Middleton
Saima Mohsin
Claire Moody
Alex Morrall
Keegan Mulcahey
Angel O’Dwyer
Aleksandra Orywal
Yama Otung
Nick Owens
Paul Parker
Matthew Phelan
Paul Price
Hazel Pudney
Michael Pudney
Catherine Radziwonik
Angus Robertson
Jon Rolls
Alan Ryan
Christopher Salmon
Michael Salmon
Kirk Sands
Harry Sargent
Antony Scarff
Clare Scarff
Martin Searle
Lee Short
Angela Smith
Paul Smith
Richard Smith
Sam Smith
Jane Sparks
Luke Stevens
Wayne Stevens
Andy Street
Sandra Sturt
Rob Sutherland
Graham Thackray
Ania Townsend
Verena Trend
Julian Tucker
Mo Tulloch
Will Turner
David Valentine
Ed Warner
George Webber
Jack Webber
Stewart Webber
Sue Webber
James Wickham
Emma Wright
Pete the Eagle
Alice the Eagle

Visit our JustGiving page for the total money raised from the Marathon March here.

We encourage all participants to donate through JustGiving but for those that want to use a physical sponsorship form and upload the amount raised to JustGiving at a later date you can download a sponsorship form here.

If you want to donate to the Palace for Life Marathon March, please click here and donate through the blue button.