Powerchair Football with Palace for Life Foundation


First Freesport Crystal Palace Powerchair Football sessions take place at the Waddon Leisure Centre

The first Freesport Crystal Palace Powerchair Football sessions have taken place at the Waddon Leisure Centre. These great sessions give wheelchair users, who would not otherwise be able to, the opportunity to benefit from the unique physical and social opportunities that football can offer. 

Power chair football is a 4 v 4 indoor game with two goals, played with a larger size 9 football and is under the guidance of The Wheelchair Football Association (WFA), which was formed in 2005 to govern the sport of Powerchair Football in England. It is a fast-moving disability football game which has been compared as a wheelchair football equivalent to the creativity-driven futsal.

We come together at the Fusion Waddon Leisure Centre on Wednesday’s at 5.30pm for our weekly training sessions. Powerchair football is the only football where both males and females of all ages can play together. We have ages ranging from 11 to 45 at these fun sessions which are coached by Palace for Life Foundation coaches and supported by the WFA. The content of the sessions include chair management (starting/stopping, maneuverability, increase/decrease speed, space awareness), ball mastery, rules of the game, match play, technical & tactical awareness.

We hope to establish CPFC Powerchair team and are aim is to enter the WFA’s regional league structure for season 2015/16.

The photos show the lads and lasses who have been with us so far. So if you are interested, or you know someone who you think would benefit from this great opportunity, then please contact Michael Harrington at the Palace for Life Foundation who will be able to help make a budding footballers dreams come true.

For more information email admin@palaceforlife.org or call 020 8768 6047



Powerchair Football with Palace for Life Foundation

At Waddon Leisure Centre on Wednesday 26th March commencing at 5.30pm and finishing at 7.00pm there was a football sessions with a difference as young wheelchair users who have been taking part in sessions for a number of weeks now, met Crystal Palace FC players, Barry Bannan and Aaron Wilbraham.

Power chair football is a 4 v 4 indoor game with two goals and played with a larger size 9 football and Wheelchair FA Development Officer Adam McEvoy was in attendance to lend some support for the players and coaches from Crystal Palace Football Club. The Wheelchair Football Association (WFA) was formed in 2005 to govern the sport of Powerchair Football in England. The WFA are recognised by the Football Association as the sports governing body and their Laws are sanctioned by the FA.

The sessions have been a collaboration between Palace for Life Foundation, Croydon Sports Development, Surrey County Football Association and Fusion who have worked together to support the participants in experiencing this form of football for the first time in Croydon.

In addition, The Wheelchair Football Association have supported the sessions with seven specialised power chairs and advice from Adam each week.

The sessions are funded by The Football Association and the Wembley Stadium Trust through the “Inclusive United” partnership between all the London Professional Football Clubs.

Crystal Palace FC players Barry Bannan and Aaron Wilbraham had never seen this form of the game and were keen to take part. “Having both players take part next to the local young people was an exciting experience for the participants.” Michael Harrington, Palace for Life Foundation disability sports lead officer said.

If you are interested in attending the sessions please email Michael Harrington on admin@palaceforlife.org