Roll of Honour

Many thanks to those who have already hit their £300 fundraising target ahead of Marathon March 2018. Everyone who reaches their target will be added to our Roll of Honour and have their name printed in a CPFC matchday programme.

You can donate HERE.


Thank you:

Mark Silverstein
Caroline Keefe
Andy Lee
Oliver Tester
Andrew Kemp
Liam Connery and Jackie Connery
Fee and Mac McNamara
Neil Wiltshire
Paul Adamson

500 +
John Chenery
Back Of The Nest
Lee Gilbert
Damien Terry
FYP Podcast
Jon and Jo Rolls
Peter Dodd
Ian Waghorn
Mike Hollands
Ben Russell
Kelly Rowland
Paul Price
Tony Smith
Simon Horbury
Jason Vine
Ian Goodwin
Michael Lenihan
Team Ray Star
Kate Thompson
David Kemp
Stephen Barton
Kelly Gilbert
Neil McIntosh
Bruce and William Gardiner
Paul and Liz Smith
Kristina Ridge
Leslie Grant
Wayne Stevens
James Scott
Stephanie Fuller

Mary McIntosh
Julian Tucker
Andrew Walker
Say Leddington
Chris Page
David Turner
Tom Quickenden
Patrick Magill
Mark Drew
Dan Morey
Piers Nutbrown
Mark Gillman
Kieron McNulty
Adam Fenlon
Sam Bacon
Hazel Pudney
Gavin O’Donnell
Claire Moody
Colin Fernandez
Nick Angier
Lisa Butler
Michael Cuell
Michael Toye
Joseph Ions
Lynne Brameld
Peter Winsor
Sophie Storer
Tony Waters
Gary Neate
Peter Vickery
Alan and Lindsay Ryan
Julian Chenery
Christine Double
Chris Kaczmarczyk