Healthy Eagles

Palace for Life Foundation has teamed up with childhood obesity experts Foodtalk and early years educators Phunky Foods to a create a brand new healthy weight management service for overweight children and families in Croydon.

Tier one of the programme supports the ‘Healthy Schools’ team and focuses on parents and communities in the areas of highest need. This will be achieved by providing six-week cook and eat sessions with families within the primary school setting.

Tier two is available at two different age groups: 4-11 years and 12-16 years. Children in the latter programme may attend without a parent or carer but parental/carer consent is needed and parental engagement through the use of the journal is a fundamental requirement.

Healthy Eagles flyer

“With one in three local 10-year-old children being overweight and obese we want to use our unique and privileged position to do something about this” – Steve Parish, Crystal Palace FC Chairman.

The parents/carers of children on the programme will discuss issues around positive parenting practices, creating a supportive family environment at home and healthy body awareness. Each family is provided with a journal to monitor progress, which also provides further information on nutrition and lifestyle topics.

For more information about the Child Weight Management programme, how to refer children and families, our Healthy Weight Awareness training or simply to make a suggestion, please contact the Palace for Life Foundation team: call 020 8768 6015 or email