Health & Wellbeing

The Healthy Eagles programme, run in partnership with Sutton Council, is aimed at inactive or less confident children who find it difficult to take part in PE lessons or go to a sports club. It nurtures children with behavioural issues, teaching them about healthy lifestyles and inspiring them to improve attainment through sport.

The programme engages the whole family, helping children improve their health and attitude towards exercise, developing a sporting habit for life. Healthy Eagles runs with funding support from Sutton Council and engages with around 250 young people and their families a year.

Speaking about the programme, Nicky Birch PE Coordinator at St. Mary’s school said:
“I am so delighted I acted on the initial email you sent out about Healthy Eagles. The whole programme has been a smooth, easy to action success from the very start and I am delighted to say that all children and staff have benefited from this programme in some way. Of course the children selected to go on to the programme have loved every moment; this was evident through their keenness to be on time and in the right place, their excited retelling of the activities they did and what they achieved all the while with great big smiles on their bright red, puffed out faces! The perfect outcome considering that was not a state or a comfort zone these children were ever willing to enter before.”

Dr Zaf Iqbal, Head of Medical at Crystal Palace FC has also teamed up with Foundation coaches to deliver teacher training in a drive to increase awareness and promote physical activity and healthy eating amongst primary school children in years 5 and 6.

To celebrate a successful pilot of the ‘Get Up, Get Moving’ programme, Dr Zaf together with Jason Puncheon and Wilfred Zaha delivered a healthy lifestyles presentation to pupils at Oasis Ryelands primary school in Croydon.

Highlighting the consequences of inactivity and poor lifestyles Dr Zaf said:
“The main aim of the programme is to use the presence of sporting role models to deliver the important messages of leading a healthy, active lifestyle. We hope local schools will now contact the Foundation to get involved next season.”

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