Palace for Life Foundation run a wide and diverse disability programme that plans to give every person living with a disability the opportunity to participate in sport, improving their motor skills, physical fitness, and giving people the opportunity to develop self-esteem, confidence and gain vital interaction with new friends and the wider community. The Foundation is fully committed to reaching out to areas of the community that don’t have access to sports and physical activity.

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Palace for Life run sessions for males and females aged 5 and over living with a disability. These take place in a variety of venues across Croydon, Bromley and Sutton. We also have an extensive schools programme that sees our experienced and specialist trained disability coaches deliver a mixture of curriculum lessons and after school clubs. This includes offering additional support to those children in mainstream schools who may have some special educational needs or additional challenges. The Foundation also works in special educational needs schools to deliver disability-specific programmes.

Alongside this Palace for Life run dedicated sessions for groups such as mental health, wheelchair users, Down’s Syndrome, vision impaired and learning difficulties/disabilities. The Foundation are very proud of the difference that we feel we are making in helping to improve the lives of those in our community who live with a disability.

Watch the video below to see Palace for Life Foundation Disability Manager Michael Harrington talking to London College of Communication student Amar Patel.

Have a look at how Palace for Life’s disability programmes have helped Max, Matt and Brandon.

For more information contact:
Disability Manager Michael Harrington – MichaelHarrington@palaceforlife.org
or Disability Officer Keon Richardson – KeonRichardson@palaceforlife.org