Healthy Lifestyles


The Palace for LifeĀ Foundation recognises that the young people of our surrounding boroughs are both the future of our local community and our wider society.

Our role is to drive and promote healthy living among all our surrounding communities, especially aimed at our younger people.

This is notably true in Sutton where we have been running our flagship Healthy Lifestyles programme since 2014 and is due to reach its conclusion in March 2016. The programme is led by Health Officer, Julian Lawless and has been rolled out in various primary schools across the borough (engaging over 1,500 children). It has now expanded to include family activity, outside of school hours, over a 12-week period.

We are very aware that the challenges facing children and families are ever more difficult. Thus we have redefined our Healthy Lifestyles scheme, shifting focus to concentrate on activity for the entire family. Feedback pointed to the fact that local people would benefit from a scheme that was accessible and educational for all members of a family and offered ideas and incentives with reference to healthy living at home.

We have now developed strong partnerships with local primary schools in Sutton to support childhood personal development – both within the school curriculum and more traditional physical education sessions – and these partnerships will continue to grow beyond the conclusion of the programme.

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