Fan for Life….An Eagle forever

Leaving a gift in your will is a practical way of ensuring your loyal support for the Eagles and the Palace for Life Foundation is recognised after you have gone.

Whether you are a supporter of the club, the charity or both, the Palace for Life Foundation is committed to supporting disadvantaged young people and vulnerable adults using the power of football and in particular the local boroughs to make a difference. A gift in will enables you to not only make that lasting contribution to the Palace for Life Foundation, but it also helps secure the work that we do with the next generation of Eagles fans in and around SE London.

When you are making your Will, your first concern will naturally be for your own family and friends. However, once you have ensured you have properly provided for them, you may also wish to consider using your Will to help support the Palace for Life Foundation and those that depend on them for support, education and help, through their projects.

Palace for Life Foundation has formed a partnership with Tax and Wills to help guide you should you wish to leave a legacy to the Foundation.

As specialist Will Writers, Tax and Wills can advise the best solution for your individual circumstances in areas such as writing your will or updating an existing will, lasting powers of attorney, property protection trusts and other situations too.

What is a Will?

A will is a legal document that enables you to decide where you want your money and possessions to go.

Having one ensures that your wishes will be carried out as you would wish, that your family and those close to you are provided for and receive what you feel is right.

You can also use your will to leave something to your clubs own charity, the Palace for Life Foundation.

Why should I make a will?

It isn’t easy thinking about death, but it is important to decide who will administer your estate, what will happen to your belongings and your money, and it indicates who should be the custodians of young children.

It is also possible to reduce the inheritance tax you may pay by including a gift to a charity such as the Palace for Life Foundation in your will.

Gifts given to Palace for Life Foundation have a huge impact on the work we can now achieve, our projects can only be delivered due to the combined generosity of individuals. This means that not only is the charity accomplishing its goals but they are creating a lasting memorial for those who left the legacy too.

A legacy of £350 would deliver an education and sports programme for a group of young people at risk of exclusion from school, resulting in an accredited qualification.

A £12,000 donation in memory will pay a full time Education Officer at the CPFC Education Centre for six months to deliver a numeracy, literacy and life skills programme to improve the educational development of primary school pupils.

£45,000 left as a legacy would fund our CPFC Disability Project for a year, delivering a sustainable coaching programme for around 120 young people and adults with disabilities per week. The project has great success with the physical and psychological benefits of exercise to improve health, feel good, build confidence and self esteem and improve life skills that are transferable to everyday life.

So how can we help?

If you don’t already have a local solicitor who can help you write a Will, please contact Tax and Wills.

In addition, Tax and Wills have agreed to make a donation to the Palace for Life Foundation from any work they carry out for you.

For the Palace for Life Foundation, any gift in will, no matter how much, will make a difference to the work we do and your legacy will be used effectively to aid the work of our projects across your city and beyond.

It’s Your Club, Your Charity……….it could be Your Legacy.

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