Map & Training Tips

The 26.2 mile route starts at Selhurst Park and finishes in the heart of Trafalgar Square via Wimbledon Common, Richmond Park and the River Thames. An interactive map can be viewed here.

* Route subject to change

Good luck with all your training…the best training to walk long distance is, well, to get out and walk! So slip on those shoes and get out there and enjoy the sunshine! The route is varied but predominantly tarmac so we recommend wearing trainers over heavy walking boots.

When you are training make a note of any ‘hot spots’ on your feet and whack a compeed on that spot on the day. Nice clean wicking socks are always the best – allow your feet to breath. We will all work as a team on the day, walking together as a group where we can and supporting fellow participants on what will be a great team effort. Remember it is a marathon not a sprint! This team ethos is something we are very keen to get across.

We all hope it will be a fantastic event and a very special thing to be a part of.

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