The Chaplain Corner

Rev Chris Roe has been The Club Chaplain for Crystal Palace Football Club since 2005 and is integrally involved in chaplaincy in many other key areas in Croydon, including the college and the council. Via his links with the Croydon churches forum and many other connections, he has his finger very much on the pulse of community life in Croydon.

Chris has been actively promoting the Foundation’s “One Club, One Community” vision in the wider Croydon area, leading the way in establishing an organic partnership between the Club, Church and community with the ultimate aim of doing good for Croydon and surrounding areas.

This work in engaging with local communities, including faith groups, is seen as absolutely key to building on the reputation of Crystal Palace FC as a family club with a strong community spirit.

Chris says “Football was originally birthed from the womb of the local Parish church; the Church in Croydon is in a healthy place of unity, providing around 80 per cent of Croydon`s volunteers and being influential in many areas. We have lots of hard work to do to restore Croydon’s tarnished image post-riots, but working cohesively we can do good for Croydon”

Chris Roe