Kick It Out

Kick It Out is football’s equality and inclusion campaign.

Kick It Out works throughout the football, educational and community sectors to challenge discrimination, encourage inclusive practices and work for positive change.

The campaign is supported and funded by the game’s governing bodies, including founding body the Professional Footballers Association (PFA), the Premier League and The Football Association.

The foundation is 100% behind the Kick it Out Campaign. Crystal Palace FC has built up an exceptional track record as an inclusive, family club and we recognise just how powerful a brand we are in bringing together diverse communities. It follows that tackling racism, homophobia and any form of bigotry and intolerance is a big priority for us which we as a foundation, are currently putting in plans to further develop. Put simply we want to be at the heart of the communities we serve.

We have been described by the Chief Executive of Croydon Council as a trusted community ‘connector’ and see it as our duty, particularly with regards our work with young people, to work together to help create communities which everyone can be proud of. The foundation is in a unique position to work with excellent schools, local councils and voluntary organisations, both large and small that, share the same aims.

Our work with the Zesh Rehman foundation and marginalised Asian communities is just one example of our work to reach out and help unite communities under the Crystal Palace FC banner. It also includes our female empowerment initiatives, work in local primary and secondary schools and community cohesion programmes that aim to engage with and get young people from different backgrounds to come together to share different experiences and challenge prejudice. We have also made a conscious decision to focus our work and resources to those parts of the boroughs we work in that are in greatest need and where we can have the most impact.

We are actively developing links with organisations that share the same aims but our ability to do so is as much about those organisations making contact with us. The message is please get in touch if you want to work with us.

Keep an eye out for the Kick It Out fixture, at Selhurst Park, in 2016.

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