Charity Policy

We are most likely to support (subject to availability of merchandise) requests that are:

  • Within our working London Boroughs
  • From a local registered charity
  • From a local community group
  • Aimed at supporting young people
  • Linked to improving cultural relations
  • Linked to sporting activity or health
  • Linked to education or literacy

Please note * We will look at supporting an individual’s fundraising effort for a charity, providing it is supported by a headed letter, from that charity, including a contact name and telephone number and giving authorisation for the individual to fundraise for them.

We are most unlikely to support requests that are:

  • Outside of our London Boroughs area
  • From a non-registered charity
  • Fundraising for an individual’s case
  • Animal charities
  • Short notice (e.g. item needed the week after the request)
  • Unlikely to raise significant funds for the charity (e.g. small raffle as opposed to dinner auction)

Football Foundation Small Grant Scheme

The Foundation has also now introduced a new Small Grants Scheme, giving greater opportunity to access monetary support for groups wishing to develop their football activities with membership up to 25 years of age. For further details on this scheme please contact the Football Foundation Helpline on 0800 0277766.

If you would like more information please contact the Palace for Life Foundation 020 8768 6047.